Multi-purpose national technology master plan gamma radiation system

Due to the agricultural, industrial, medical potentials of country North West region, radiation system is created in the research complex of the North West (Bonab) , and has been providing services since the second half of 1394. This system have the potential for radiating a wide range of food products, sanitary, disposable medical supplies and drugs raw materials and is the country's first indigenous system. One of significant advantages of this radiation system is proximity to food, hygiene and medical production and packing centers and also is the region's first radiation center that will be attractive and profitable for industrialists and manufacturers. This complex has received the necessary permits for the radiation of food, agricultural, medical and health products of all kinds; it is equipped with laboratories for quality control, determination of microbial contamination and dosing of products. Statistics and Information Technology company called Gammatech, has began its activities since1395 aimed at application development of nuclear technology and currently thorough its possession of the mentioned system has step in trading and introducing its services to desired clients. The second gamma radiation system with the participation of the named company and Golestan golden rays in Golestan province is under construction.

List of products that can be radiated

You can contact us for information regarding the possibility of radiating of your new products so as at the earliest opportunity your product be put in our equipped laboratories for review and announcing the result.

Products with low dose

Products with low dose (less than 5 kG) Kinds of meat Eggs Meat  calves Beef frozen fresh sheep frozen lamb meat fresh poultry meat frozen chicken meat Fresh fish Frozen...

Products with moderate doses

Product with average doses Product with average doses (5-15 KG) Fruits and vegetables dried Spinach dried fig Thyme Chamomile Laurel tarragon Powder Aloe vera powder Dried berries Dried dates Herbs...

Products with higher doses

Products with high doses (15 to 25 kG) sanitary and  medical products cotton applicator nasal spray disposable clothing Catheter and  deren deren-Petzer-Penrose types of pills bandages medical Blister aurtidin dental...

our services

Now Gamma Tech company is able to radiate products in the following three parts around the clock.

radiating medical products

Food radiation

Radiation of agricultural products

Radiation by gamma ray is the best available method for removing Aflatoxins.

October 18, 2016 In different countries, the level of public awareness about dangers of food consumption contaminated with Aflatoxin is increasing. For the first time it was in the 1960s when experts bcome informed of the existence of Aflatoxin. Aflatoxin are the most known potent mutagenic compounds (chemicals that by causing mutations in...

Twenty-third International Exhibition of Agriculture, food, machinery and related industries “Iran Agro Food 2016” will be held.

June 1, 2016 Twenty third International Exhibition of Agriculture, food, machinery and related industries "Iran Agro Food 2016”, which is the largest Middle East exhibition and will be held May 30th-June 2nd and attended by hundreds of local and foreign companies located in  Iran and 45 foreign countries  in Tehran international permanent Fairground...

Nineteenth International Exhibition of Iran health

May 18, 2016 International exhibition of medical equipment, dental, laboratory, pharmaceutical and health care services of health with 18 years of experience is  the second big event in the field of medical equipment, dental, laboratory, pharmaceutical and health care in the region that revolves around  health and is held annually, May each year...


Gammatech company having equipped laboratories and highly qualified personnel are able to provide the following services to dear customers.